Month: April 2017

Take Your Toddler Hiking

One of the most impressive things to do is the Sierra Madre is hiking in the mountains. However, it is something that many parents avoid because of their toddlers. There are so many dangers on the mountain that people prefer to not take a chance on their child getting hurt. This does not have to be something you worry about. You can now take your toddler hiking along with you anywhere you want to go.

Hiking with Toddlers

By nature, toddlers are extremely curious. They want to explore everything and often get distracted by the slightest things. In a blink, a toddler can run off from their parents and in the second; they may end up getting hurt. It is great to encourage this natural curiosity, but it has to be done safely. It ensures that you all can bond as a family. It proves to your toddler that they can share experiences with you. What better place to do it than the great outdoors and would you take advantage of something that would make it easier for you to allow exploration?

A Great Hiking Accessory

There are hiking carriers everywhere, but many of them put the child on your back. This is not always ideal because kids cannot see over their parent’s shoulder. Instead of doing this, you can use a front facing toddler carrier with your little one. They will be able to see everything as you see it and you will know that they are always safe.. They can point out areas of interest and you can talk to them about what they are seeing. If this sounds like something you would enjoy sharing with your little one, why not see these front facers as they are seen here. This will enable you to choose the best option for your little one.


Hiking Safety with Toddlers

When hiking the Sierra Madre Mountains with a toddler, there are a few things you will want to do for them, and your, comfort. This includes bring snacks along, started out with short hikes rather than long ones, and plan ahead to try and take them out of the carrier so that they can explore safe areas with you. Before you leave home, dress your toddler in very bright colors. This will give you the ability to see them more easily in wooded areas where most things are earth tone colors. During the time that you are not holding them, keep them in your sight constantly. Ideally, you will have them walk ahead of you so that they will not veer off the trail. You will also need to be aware of the surroundings. Hold their hands in dangerous areas and make sure they do not pick up items that may be dangerous.

Along with all of these things, you should talk openly with your child about staying close to you when hiking. Even toddlers can understand the danger. Explain that there are wild animals out in the woods, places they could fall down and get hurt, and anything else you can think of. You may also want to explain that if they do not stay close to you; they will have to stay in their carrier. Most toddlers will not like that idea.

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